artist's statement

There are only two kinds of lines, collections of points both straight and curved, in the universe. They belong to and can expand into planes ---- define space ---- and the in between!  Helped by the magic of light: project color.

It is with the awareness of these truths and eschewing conventional realistic representations that I approach my work and hope to express some aspects of our existence and the world in which we dwell.

A painting is a creation in and of itself.  The chosen materials have a life of their own and it is a challenge for the artist to understand them, utilize them and enable them to collaborate and aid in the development of what must be an evolving resolution to the piece. That’s why it’s so much fun !

So, in one little way, with paint and support; paper, canvas or wood for example, and the awareness of the above, I try to create some aspect of the world in which we dwell eschewing any realistic representations.

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